Let Your Light Shine

Let Your Light Shine Award - Naomi-Jon Redshaw

I have finally had a chance to sit down after a whirlwind week of Graduation preparations and celebrations.  Naomi-Jon graduated from Star of the Sea this week which in itself is wonderful, however she went a step further by receiving the Star of the Sea “Let Your Light Shine” Award at Mass yesterday.  It is an honour to parent a child like Naomi-Jon, but to also witness her achievements being recognised in such a way left us all speechless and me crying.  Naomi-Jon is very deserving of this award that acknowledges her generosity, spirit, faith, humility, leadership, drive and so much more.

On Monday night Naomi-Jon looked absolutely beautiful at her Graduation, which was a wonderful start to a hectic and forfilling week.

Graduation - Naomi-Jon Redshaw Graduation - Naomi-Jon Redshaw

6 thoughts on “Let Your Light Shine

  1. Congratulations Naomi-Jon, a well deserved award for a beautiful young lady. Congratulations also to you, Alicia and Quentin, for a job well done raising such a wonderful girl.

  2. Congratulations Naomi-Jon. We are so proud of you. All the best for High School next year.

  3. You look truly beautiful Naomi-Jon…
    Well done on the award, so proud of you!
    You certainly deserve it!
    Toni… xoxo

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