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Posted by on 9 Jan 2010 in Scrapbooking | 7 comments

I just photographed my creation from last night (below) and discovered a mistake.  Now there aren’t many mistakes in Scrapbooking, actually there really aren’t any.  But I forgot to do something that I always do.  See if you can spot what I am going to fix tonight and leave a comment, and you could win a prize for your keen eye.

My Sound Sleeper by Alicia Redshaw

 Added: I didn’t stitch the buttons

Alicia Redshaw


  1. You know it’s a bit hard to see through the computer but I just cannot pin point anything that looks like a mistake, it is a gorgeous layout and the misting is excellent. Looks finished with no mistakes to me. Mel

  2. I think you have not put the date on the page. It is a bit hard to see what is written at the bottom of the page.

  3. did you forget his name? I’m blind as a bat at the best of times. Looks great.

  4. photo..check
    matted photo…check
    date of photo…check
    sig…does Mummy count??…check
    child’s name…you can work that out by the journalling, and photo and date of photo…check
    could it be a special little shape you are missing that is often featured on your page?
    could it be that I can’t see your name?
    could it be that you haven’t included the date of your journalling/date page was done?
    am I too late answering and you have already fixed it????

  5. Hi Alicia,
    Is it that you have distressed the edges of page but not inked them
    or have you not added the date of journaling as I think you have date of photo on bottom of page but a bit hard to see
    or Noah’s name. Love the page regardless. It would be a good one forr a class.
    Good to see so many trying to find the mistake and leaving a comment Jenny

  6. Hey girls you are all so far away. Now look closer

  7. Hi I know this post is a bit old but it is bugging me to not know the answer. Is it that you hadn’t sewn on the buttons?

    Cheers Jill

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