Trust Love Canvas

This is another Canvas that I have been keeping to myself for a while before sharing.  It is all created with Golden Fluid Acrylics and Liquitex Acrylic Inks.  It also includes our word for the year – Trust.  The technique is inspired by the class I attended recently with Tracy Verdugo.  I don’t always share our word for the year as it is a personal thing that Quentin and I share together, and work on together for the year (and beyond).  A lot of thought and personal meditation goes into our word each year, and how we will work with it as a couple.

Trust Love Canvas by Alicia Redshaw Trust Love Canvas by Alicia Redshaw

2 thoughts on “Trust Love Canvas

  1. Hello Alicia – it is wonderful that you and Quentin share a word! What a great idea. My word for this year is “do”. This would make a great class. :-). Michelle.

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