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What is on my workdesk this week?  Class kits of course….With my recently hectic schedule I have discovered that I need to get myself into gear to get more classes organised.  I have packed four sets of kits in the last two days and one of each now graces my desk, waiting to be put together.  I have two scrapbooking, one card and one cuttlebug class planned so far.  My definition of planned here is the kit is packed and I know which class it is for.

Anyways if your wondering why I am showing my desk off, then you need to go visit Julia so that you can see who else is participating.  While your at it have a good snoop and see what other desks look like, and more importantly what the other participants are creating.

By the way, the kits are hiding some new stash which I will get to use after I complete my class samples.  Some new stamps and tools may also be hiding there that are to be used in said classes.


  1. Classes sound fun hope everything goes well D xx

  2. Great display of colour here – yes – prepping won’t do itself alas… good luck.

    Thanks for sharing today,

    Sarah at 5

  3. lots of beautiful crafty stuff there, thank you for sharing. Happy WOYWW 101, not long left until the 2nd anniversary, have you done your PIF? #2

  4. I like it Alicia…first make the kits, then treat yourself to a play with new stuff. Just the right motivation for me! Love the look of some of those papers!

  5. Beautiful papers – great looking kits even from this distance Elaine#16

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