Well it is Wednesday again and the desk in my studio is tidy again after a bit of a creative marathon (class samples) and then an even bigger clean-up.  So for this weeks shots I am going to share my study desk.  This is where I do assignments (yes I am studying Accounting on the side) and try to keep up with the mountain of paperwork, figures and headaches for my business.  If your wondering about this WOYWW thing you should visit Julia and check out some of the other desks being shared.

This first image shows my desk, my red winter coat hanging over the chair (not a nice red chair), my laptop (just for accounting and assignments), some art by Noah on the noticeboard, a custom bottle of wine with a picture on my hubby on it (a thank you for his participation in a recent community project about volunteers), a folder of business paperwork (with some on top needing to be inserted/filed), some very heavy/dry reading accounting textbooks, my afternoon coffee, a card Candy made me for my birthday, a pile of papers that I just don’t want to sort, an empty Roses chocolates box where I keep business cards (from other people), my trusty diary which has a bad case of the bulges and some of other bits of paper/books and stuff for college and work.

This second image shows some of my husbands handywork (the shelf), more of Noah’s art (that is a custom made train he created just for me at School), a very boring Communications textbook, workbooks from completed subjects, a few management/business texts (some are good, some are bad and some are just plain ridiculous) and more of the noticeboard (Noahs art and school supply receipts for my personal tax).

Anyway I know it is boring, but as I said my studio desk is just the same this week as it was last week.  Until next week, Happy WOYWW.