Well after three or is it four weeks of being totally snowed under and not even noticing the Wednesdays flying by I am here with a pic from my Studio…No it isn’t my desk as it is still pristine after Sundays clean-up, even with some heavy creating on Monday I cleaned up all the mess and put it all back how it should be.  So this is a pic of the bookcase/shelving unit that resides directly behind where I sit.  I have organised my supplies into plastic containers (Bunnings for Aussie girls…Hardware Store for the rest of the world) and labeled them accordingly.  The purple boxes are from Papermania and are 13″x13″, which is great for papers with the barcode strip that don’t fit into nearly every other available storage option.  I have an empty spot because my blank cards and envelopes collection out-grew its home and now lives in a much bigger box nearby on a hairdressers or bathroom type trolley.  I am yet to work out what will take it’s place, although I am in no hurry to add anything else to my bulging stash of creative stuff!  Anyways here it is and if your curious about what everyone else is up to pop on over to Julia’s blog and do the rounds (I have a big afternoon of browsing and drooling planned for Saturday afternoon after work).

I’ll be back tomorrow with some other news…

18 thoughts on “WOYWW

  1. You are very organised and tidy.. wish I could be more like that. I have recently discovered Copic Markers and really think they are a marvellous product. I possess six as they are quite expensive, but worth the money.

    Take care.

    Sue A xxx

  2. I always love it when I get to see organized areas. I feel at home that way. Sorry if I’m a bit late this week. I had a required tutorial to post on Thursday and had trouble getting back to the WOYWW blogs. Hope you are having good weather in Qeensland. It’s hard to imagine you are in the middle of winter. Have a great weekend.

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