Well it is Wednesday again and I have taken my picture from an aerial point-of-view this week.  I coloured (using Copics) the image of Ian from The Greeting Farm over the weekend and he is my next task, well putting him on a card is to be exact.

The Wedding Invitations have been packed away momentarily as I have run out of the blue cardstock, which is a new Orange Peel colour called Mystic.  I did a bit of a tidy-up this afternoon whilst the kids were all playing and the results are great, well I think so anyway.

The Cowboy Card (another Greeting Farm Stamp) is from my last Advanced Copics Class a couple of weeks ago, about textures and furs.  There is also a little pile of broken treasures waiting for me to do some magic on them with the Power Pritt.  And all of the usual stuff is still there for all too see, including my cardstock basket of left-over bits and pieces.

If you liked having a look at my desk and want to see some more head on over to Julia’s blog to check them all out.  Last week I managed to visit about thirty, but am only able to leave messages where “Name & URL” are available options, as I’m not with blogger, etc.  So I apologise to anyone who I visited but was unable to leave a comment for, your desks and work were fantastic….thank you for sharing.

17 thoughts on “WOYWW

  1. Nice tidy desk. Although nice to see the space, I would be more interested in seeing what you had against the walls! LOL What is the red folded thing to the right? Looks like something fun!

  2. I never “got” those colored images until a few weeks ago when I learned about shading and such. So time consuming, but so detailed. These are adorable and I so appreciate a tidy desk.

    Happy WOYWW. I’m #2.

  3. Gosh you’re desk is clear! YTou were right, a quick tidy is worth it – it must be lovely to approach it like this. Er – how many flash drives?!!

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