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Well the pictures were taken on Wednesday, but I had computer problems.  Actually if I am honest with myself, my computer had human problems….Yes, I was asking way too much of the poor computer and it decided it would go slow and make me pay.

Anyway here is a view of my area from the other side of the desk, and it is a bit of a disaster in places at the moment.  I have stamps, paints and loads of gear all within a kind of arms reach.

Someone last week asked about the red basket on my desk, which is home to my leftover embellies and bits and pieces (within reason).  I got the design from Kathy’s Waffle and was just testing it out.  I have intentions of making them as Christmas baskets, gift baskets and table decorations when I hold my next big bash.  The book ring was my idea as I just had one sitting there.

Someone else asked why so many usb drives are on my desk.  It is kind of easy to explain, so here goes.  I sort my photographs on the computer by year, month and event onto an external hard drive.  As I download them I also put them into a separate folder called “To Print”, which is where I sort them into 4×6, 5×7, 2-to-a-print, 4-to-a-print and 8-to-a-print.  I then put them onto these cheap ($5) usb drives to take to get processed (one for each folder).  The problem at the moment is I haven’t printed photographs for the whole of 2010 yet and my backlog is huge…will have to remedy soon.

Anyway there you have my workdesk for this week, even though it is a day late.  Hop on over to see Julia if you want to check out what everyone else is up to and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Wow! Is that your craft space- it looks delicious, more like a store! So much goodies to play with! I’m working hard not to be envious! Patsy from HeARTworks

  2. That looks like a well stocked, well organised workspace!!

  3. Wow what an amazing workspace, you comment on your computer having a human problem made me laugh out loud – thanks for that!

  4. Love your workspace.

  5. Such an organised wokspace. I enjoyed having a peek.
    Sue xx 15

  6. Wow! love your craft space. Made one of these, they are so cute. nnalorac.x

  7. Looks like a wonderful place to craft – and I really dig that scrap basket – looks like just what I need. The usb thing sounds major – I let my hubby do that stuff.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Sarah (sasa 27)

  8. Awesome space! The usb drives sound like a great way to organize your photos ^_^

  9. Lovely space Alicia, and as I work in IT I’ll have to remember the line “my computer has human problems!!”


  10. Think my computer has had human problems too, but it’s back home and happy. What a fantastic workspace you have. I love that basket too – good clean lines and a great choice of colour.

  11. Sorry I’m so late getting here to snoop around. And snoop I did. I was trying to put my head through the monitor to see what those very colorful things on the top shelf of your white storage unit are. I couldn’t tell and usually I know what things are, even if I’ve never seen the product in use. I know it’s nearly Wednesday again, so I’ll leave you with a happy really belated WOYWW from #1.

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